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QTips to be a Good Neighbor

Quincy is rich in diversity, and its neighborhoods have always been the source of the City's distinct character. 

Quincy neighborhoods date back well over 100 years, while others have sprung up since World War II.  Either way, protecting and maintaining a safe and vibrant neighborhood is vital.  In this page, we've provided a few links and tips for how you can help keep your neighborhood safe, clean and orderly.

Safety Tips for Walkers and Drivers

Use the sidewalk. If the street isn't designed for pedestrians, don't walk on it. Never walk on highways or in restricted zones.

1. You know those "walk" and "do not walk" signs? Don't jaywalk.

2. Don't make assumptions. Don't assume that a vehicle will stop for

you just because you are waiting to cross. Try to make eye contact with the driver before initiating crossing. If you're in a busy city, don't cross without looking both ways-even when you have the pedestrian "walk" symbol-as drivers do occasionally run red lights.

3. Do not walk long distances under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Just as you should never drive under the influence, do not walk long distances or in traffic-heavy areas when you are under the influence. Call a taxi or use public transportation.

4. Be courteous. When a driver stops to allow you to cross, give him or her a quick wave to demonstrate your appreciation.

5. You wouldn't drive distracted, so don't walk distracted. Stay aware of your surroundings by not texting, using headphones, or talking on your cell phone.

6. Drivers - If a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, State law mandates that you stop or yield for the pedestrian until he crosses. Crosswalks are clearly marked by white lines on the street or with signs alerting drivers of the oncoming crosswalk.

7. Obey speed limits! Following this simple rule can greatly improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians.